Indemnity of a Notary Public

A notary public is an individual who has been given authorization by the state they live to witness document signings and administer oaths. This responsibility isn't taken lightly by those who become notaries. Notary Public plays a key role in law and business. You will always make sure that what you always do in your daily life need to be legal. This job of a Notary to administer oaths and attesting to signatures, both important and valuable ways to minimize fraud in legal documents.

All licensed notaries and their employers have existing insurance so that they can execute their duties with self-reliance. The policy covers that the Notary Public accountability due to unintended mistakes. To be more specific, the insurance of a Notary protect a notary when s/he makes a mistake that causes his customer to experience financial loss.

When you wish to become a notary public you must prepare for a few tests and checks as not everyone who apply as Notary Public is accepted. A bond is also needed to protect the notary public. You can personally submit your property as security, but you can also attain from the different insurance providers. Any bonding firm loss on a bond has the legal power to recover the loss from you. In this case, the notary public insurance company pays your claim from the start.

Insurance of a Notary protects a notary from financial responsibility in the case of an error while performing notarization duties. You could still be faced with a legal bill for defending yourself though the suit is not credible. Notaries have exclusive protection through purchased errors and omissions insurance (E&O). It is because if you are not insured, you will pay those defense charges out of your own pocket, win or lose.

Most of the policies also provide the notary with legal defense at no additional cost. The insurer pays damages imposed in a settlement agreement up to the limits of the policy coverage. Insurance policy is also a compulsory requirement in some states especially for mobile notary agents. Notary insurance is not that expensive and worth the investment. There are also group coverage policies for smart business that try to guard the company and the notaries who work for them; this is in addition to the individual notary insurances.

Irina Poloskova is the founder of Academy of Finance and Notarial Services.


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